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The Curtis Island Project:
In February of 2013 I started photographing Curtis Island (a small island in Camden Harbor) every morning around 8 am. At first it was sort of a whim, but I quickly became intrigued by the constant shifts in light and weather I was observing,  and decided to turn this into a year long art project. My intention is to create a series of image transfers from the photos I have taken which will provide a literal documentation of the project. In addition, I will create a series of encaustic paintings which explore my observation of the island on a more emotional and intuitive level. 
Image Transfers:
Here is a sampling of image transfers I have started creating from the photographs. Each is done on a 4"x4" wood panel, with a layer of encaustic medium and a printout of the original photograph. The process of creating these image transfers results in an exact mirror image of the original photo.

This is the first of the Curtis Island paintings I have completed. I feel particularly inspired by some of the more subtle lighting effects I have observed over the past couple of months, especially images with fog or low lying clouds which mute the landscape. The image transfer in the lower left corner above, is taken from the same image I used to create this painting.
E Kendra Denny Encaustics
Camden, Maine

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